Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

300 to 600 People Will Die from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning this Year
10,000 Will Seek Medical Attention

Some will be poisoned due to chimney blockage, some due to gas engines used indoors, and some due to faulty gas combustion appliances, such as furnaces and water heaters. Please treat this risk seriously. Follow the guidelines of the Center for Disease Control and make sure “all fuel-burning appliances are properly installed, maintained, and operated; furnaces, water heaters, and gas dryers are inspected annually by a qualified service technician.”
Man Dies of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Pembroke (MA) Mariner
Oct 13, 2004
Fire officials are pleading with homeowners to take simple safety precautions following the death of a Pembroke man from carbon monoxide poisoning...
Sleeping Kids Rescued from Carbon Monoxide-Filled Home
Boston (MA) Herald
Oct 9, 2004
Brockton firefighters rescued four sleeping children from a carbon monoxide-filled home in Brockton yesterday...
Gas Leak Leads to Carbon Monoxide Discovery
Access North Georgia
Oct 11, 2004
Fire Marshall David Kimbrell said firefighters quickly contained a natural gas leak at Season's Shield, but then detected carbon monoxide...
Niles Family Treated for Carbon Monoxide
St. Joseph (MI) Herald Palladium
Sept. 29, 2004
Three members of a Niles family were treated at Lakeland Hospital here Tuesday night after symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure...
Carbon Monoxide Suspected in Children's Deaths
Jackson (MS) Clarion Ledger
Sept. 27, 2004
Two Hattiesburg children overcome by apparent carbon monoxide poisoning last week died over the weekend...
Carbon Monoxide Leak Causes Evacuation
Salt Lake City (UT) KSL-TV
Sept. 20, 2004
A man is taken to the hospital this morning after his condominium fills with carbon monoxide...
Plains Man Dies from Carbon Monoxide Fumes
Wilkes Barre (PA) Citizen's Voice
Sept. 22, 2004
A Plains Township man died from carbon monoxide fumes on Monday after an apparent generator mishap…
Family Hospitalized After Being
Exposed To Carbon-Monoxide
Orlando (FL) WFTV
Sept. 28, 2004
An Orange County family was put into a hyperbaric chamber Tuesday morning after being exposed to carbon-monoxide overnight...
Three Dead, Possible Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Montgomery (AL) Advertiser
Sept. 17, 2004
Montgomery police are investigating the deaths of three people... police suspect carbon monoxide poisoning...
Carbon Monoxide Continues to Claim Lives
Cleveland (OH) Plain Dealer
Sept. 16, 2004
This year, the deaths of 47-year-old Loretta McReynolds and her 9-year-old granddaughter Sierra Leggett in Bedford Heights put carbon monoxide poisoning back in the news...
Carbon Monoxide Sends Six People to the Hospital
 Bristol (CT) WFSB
Oct 12, 2004
Furnace problems at a three-story apartment house sent six people to the hospital Monday night after carbon monoxide built up in the building...
Pembroke Man Dies, Wife Overcome by Gas
Brockton (MA) Enterprise
Oct 7, 2004
A Pembroke man died and his wife was clinging to life at a Boston hospital this morning after they were overcome by carbon monoxide fumes at their home, police said...
Family Thankful to be Alive After CO Poisoning
Marietta (PA) WGAL
October 5, 2004
A Lancaster County family of seven is thankful to be alive. After turning on the heat Tuesday morning, they all started to get sick and soon learned they were being poisoned...

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