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CO Monitor Comparison

Carbon Monoxide Monitor Comparison

UL Listed Alarms

Low Level Monitors
NSI 3000
Low Level Monitor
Professional grade sensor




1st visual readout at 5 ppm within 30 seconds X
Low audible alarm level at 15 ppm after 5 minutes     X
High level audible alarm at 35 ppm after 5 minutes     X
Crisis audible alarm level at 70 ppm after 30 seconds X** X X
Manual silence button at low levels   X X
Cannot be silenced at crisis levels     X
Protection for all ages   X X
Digital memory with recall X* X X
Continuous on-screen display     X
Digital CO readout X* X X
CO display range from 5-999 ppm     X
Battery operated X* X X
Can be installed at eye level X* X X
Can be converted to tabletop use   X
Sensor can be checked with match smoke   X X
User response instructions printed on unit     X
Minimum 3-year warranty X*   X
Maximum protection for all age groups     X
Notes: ppm = parts per million ** - Allowed to take up to 240 minutes to alarm * - Available only on a few models