ComfortMaxx HVAC System Certification

ComfortMaxx™ HVAC System Certification

Certified ComfortMaxx HouseA ComfortMaxx Certified System is your assurance that your equipment is operating at its fullest potential for your investment, and your entire system is working in harmony to deliver the most comfort for your hard-earned dollars.

From a comfort perspective this means your home ranks in the top 5% in the nation in terms of even year-round indoor comfort and optimum IAQ (Indoor Air Quality).

Improved Air Quality

A ComfortMaxx Certified System™ will minimize indoor air quality problems and make breathing easier in your home. If you are coughing or sneezing a lot at home or if it seems like you have allergies, only in your house, our analysis can reveal hidden problems in your comfort system.
Some of the measures taken to insure improved air quality might have included sealing ductwork, adding registers and return grilles, resizing your ductwork, resizing your equipment, replacing damaged or restricted ducts.


It's important to understand that a heating and cooling system is much more than the boxes that make hot and cold air. While manufacturers have made great strides in creating more efficient and reliable equipment, the equipment alone cannot insure maximum energy efficiency or comfort.

Every component of your system, from your furnace, air conditioner, ducts, grilles and registers along with accessory components like filters, air cleaners, humidifiers, etc., affect your system's real performance, energy use, comfort, and indoor air quality.

If you are building a new home we will ensure your new system is properly designed, installed and adjusted to maximize both your energy-use, comfort and indoor air quality.

If your system is in an existing home we are trained to take the necessary measures to maximize its performance. This may include duct system renovation, equipment replacement and/or adding components to your system.

Whether new or used, we are specially prepared to provide a fair assessment of your heating and cooling system.

*BTUs (British Thermal Units) is the amount of heat added or removed by your comfort system each hour.

Lower Utility Bills

A ComfortMaxx Certified System™ delivers the lowest possible utility bills for the type and efficiency rating of your equipment. For example, your air conditioning equipment comes from the factory with a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) rating based solely on how it performed in a test lab under perfect conditions.

Gas furnaces have a similar rating known as AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) also arrived at in a perfect lab environment. Unfortunately these “perfect conditions” rarely exist in both new or existing homes.