Comfortmaxx System Certification

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A ComfortMaxx Certified System™ helps insure your heating and cooling equipment is operating at its fullest potential for your investment, and your entire system is working in harmony to deliver the most comfort for your hard-earned dollars.

From a comfort perspective this means your home could rank in the top 5% in the nation in terms of even year-round indoor comfort and optimum IAQ (Indoor Air Quality).

It's important to understand that a heating and cooling system is much more than the boxes that reside inside and outside your home. While manufacturers have made great strides in creating more efficient and reliable equipment, the equipment alone cannot insure maximum energy efficiency or comfort.

Every component of your system, from your equipment, to your ducts, to your grilles and registers along with accessory components like air cleaners, humidifiers, etc., affect your system's real performance, energy use, comfort, and IAQ.

If you are in a newly built home, you will want a Certified ComfortMaxx™ Contractor to make sure your new system was properly designed, installed and adjusted to maximize both your energy use comfort, and indoor air quality.

If your system is in an existing home, you will want your ComfortMaxx™ contractor to take the necessary measures to maximize its performance. This might have included duct system renovation, equipment replacement and/or adding components to your system.