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Getting Improved Indoor Air Quality

Getting Improved Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality is a big buzzword in our society today and many products and services make promises of improving your home's IAQ. One of the biggest culprits of poor IAQ is a poorly designed and/or installed heating and cooling system.

When your system is properly sized, installed and balanced, most of the problems which cause poor IAQ are eliminated. Of course if your IAQ issues are caused by other factors such as roof leaks, a damp crawl space or basement or other environmental factors outside of your comfort system, while your contractor can make some recommendations he usually cannot address these issues directly.

A ComfortMaxx Certified System™ is designed, installed and tested to minimize IAQ problems. Some of the measures taken to insure improved air quality might have included sealing ductwork, adding registers and return grilles, resizing your ductwork, resizing your equipment, replacing damaged or restricted ducts and so forth.

Every home is different and is dealt with based on real test results, not educated guesses. For example, sizing your equipment properly can have a huge effect on its ability to remove humidity in summer months. An oversized system will not run long enough to remove humidity. This could result in a cold, clammy environment that is never quite comfortable.