Existing Home Certification

Add Value to Your Existing Home With ComfortMaxx™

Man testing HVAC SystemIf you are dissatisfied with your current heating or cooling system's ability to keep you comfortable or you feel like your energy costs are inconsistent with similar homes around you then the ComfortMaxx certification process will help reveal and improve your comfort system's performance. Some of the steps your contractor will take include:

Evaluate your existing system
Evaluate your existing system and suggest any improvements (if appropriate) using minimum industry standards set forth by ASHRAE and ACCA. They will apply field design corrections and adjustments in compliance with NCI standards and practices to insure your system far exceeds the minimum standards. This includes testing and measurement of your existing system's performance, both in terms of energy use and comfort using high precision calibrated instruments and tools in accordance with NCI standards.

Your comfort system will be improved and/or renovated to exceed minimum industry standards using NCI improved duct sizing installation and repair methods to insure the system is sized properly and has minimum restrictions and leakage. This approach helps insure every heating and cooling Btu is maximized and properly delivered into your home's interior spaces.Man Removing Top of AC Unit

Careful testing and adjustment
After any improvements have been made your contractor will carefully test and adjust your entire system's performance to meet or exceed the ComfortMaxx standard of 90% delivered Btus into your conditioned space or a 25% or better performance improvement with a minimum of 75% delivered Btus. These percentages far exceed any minimum standards which focus on equipment performance alone. In addition to being tested and adjusted for minimum energy waste, your system will be balanced to provide even comfort throughout your home.

Should you decide to sell your home, a ComfortMaxx Certified System helps to show the care and maintenance you have put into your home and should offer an added incentive to any potential buyers.