Choosing the Right HVAC Contractor

Choosing the Right Contractor

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Al with AC UnitThere are over 85,000 heating and air conditioning contractors in the USA. As with many service professional most are hard working people that want to do the right thing, but only a select group of contractors have made the additional commitment to be trained and certified by National Comfort Institute.

NCI Certified Contractors have studied, taken classes and passed proficiency testing that helps ensure their understanding of a truly unique way of examine your home’s heating and cooling system. These distinctive individuals use special tools to measure the true comfort and efficiency your heating and cooling system is delivering.

Standard contractors check your system at the equipment level. They make it run. But, just like your car, your heating and cooling system can be running but still not working correctly in harmony to provide your best comfort “mile per gallon,” so to speak.

NCI CertifiedAn NCI certified contractor has the knowledge to carefully test and evaluate your system using state of the art diagnostic instruments. They have knowledge of proven methods and will be able to provide you with documentation of the tests they perform so you can make a truly informed decision on any actions to make improvements. You will gain a better understanding of the condition your home’s heating and air conditioning system from the specific knowledge an NCI certified contractor acquire as they test.

National Comfort Institute, the firm that trains, tests and certifies contractors in these special skills has been in business for over 17 year and has turned thousands of good contractors into great contractors. Our proven testing procedures can pinpoint system deficiencies and improve your system efficiency by as much as 70%.

Each NCI certified contractor is required to take ongoing training every 2 years to re-certify themselves and confirm they are informed on the latest tools and techniques.

National Comfort Team

NCI’s top level of air diagnostic certified contractors is identified as a National Comfort Team member. This group typically has a higher depth of commitment into evaluating home heating and cooling systems, identifying trouble areas and repairing them to produce heating and cooling systems that operate in the top percentage of system potential.

National Comfort Team members install some of the most efficient heating and cooling systems in the nation. While these contractors may often charge more than a standard contractor for a project, most consumers that use National Comfort Team members find the additional investment pays off huge dividends in energy savings, more comfortable homes and HVAC equipment that lasts longer and needs less repairs.

Both NCI Certified and NCT members should carry a certification identification card with them that shows their current certification is valid.