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Sounds You Never Want to Hear From Your AC

It’s possible that your AC unit will be advanced enough in the coming decades to identify problems before they happen. Think of it like an HVAC warning system. Unfortunately, we don’t have that quite yet. Of course, you may have a smart thermostat that connects to your wifi and phone which is about as close as we can get. Until we can install a smart AC unit in your home, you have the responsibility of knowing the signs that your HVAC system may need a repair. 

Unusual sounds are ones that make you pause and go hmm. The best way to tell if something is wrong with your AC unit is to hear unusual sounds. Separating sounds that are normal from sounds that aren’t can help you address problems before they get worse. If you think you need AC repair in Rogers, MN, our team can help. Hearing any or all of these five sounds is a sign that something is wrong and needs to be addressed right away.

HVAC Shrieking or Screaming

This sound is loud and may shock or surprise you when you hear it. Shrieking usually signals that your HVAC motor is having problems. The motor may be wearing down as a result of normal wear and tear or something that is going wrong. Motor problems are not uncommon as units get older, but hearing shrieking is very serious and needs to be addressed right away. 

HVAC Grinding

This is another sound that is common for your HVAC motor. If the motor doesn’t have enough lubrication, the result is a grinding sound. Sometimes a lack of lubrication isn’t the problem though. Grinding also happens if dust and dirt build up in the motor. You can prevent grinding by investing in regular air conditioner maintenance. Cleaning and lubricating your motor annually can resolve any problems and prevent additional damage.

HVAC Rattling

Rattling is less serious than the other two sounds but still warrants immediate attention. Rattling can signal that a part is loose somewhere in the unit – the question is where! Your AC unit may still be running, but the loose components are rattling around inside and spreading damage to other components. 

AC Unit Bubbling or Hissing Sounds

Bubbling and hissing are common when there is a leak in the AC refrigerant line. A leak sounds more like bubbling if it comes from an area of the line where refrigerant is liquid. A leak sounds more like hissing if it comes from an area of the line where the refrigerant is gas. Leaking refrigerant – liquid or gas – can make your energy go up as your AC unit struggles to cool your home without enough refrigerant to do so. 

Clicking in your AC Unit

Your AC unit clicks at the beginning and end of the cooling cycles. However, if you hear clicking sounds continuosly as your unit is running, that’s a problem. Clicking can be difficult to pinpoint because it’s a quiter sound than some others your AC may make, but it’s still a sound to pay attention to. Your compressor may be turning on and off, also called short cycling, which can lead to extensive damage.

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