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5 Signs Your Furnace Is Failing

There are many things to keep an eye out for when making sure your home furnace is in tip-top shape. While regularly scheduled maintenance may catch a broken piece or something to watch out for here and there, most of the management of your home’s main source of heating will come from you as a homeowner.

To make it easier for you, we’ve collated 5 of the most common signs that your furnace is failing so you can act on it before it gives up on you when you need it most.

Erratic Heating

The most obvious sign to take into consideration when checking in on your furnace’s status is the actual heating output it produces. If you find that your home has some irregular temperature moments where your home is chilly one moment then unbearable hot the next, there may be something going wrong with the internal temperature controls that your furnace has.

Visible Corrosion and Rust

Another good indicator that your furnace is showing signs of defaulting is a visual one: rust. If you start seeing rust starts forming around odd parts around the furnace, there may be an opportunity for you to manage and salvage the heating unit before it goes completely out the window. But once rust starts forming around key components of the furnace, you’ll need to start considering replacing the machine if it begins to fail on your overtime.

Odd Sounds and Smells

Past the obvious indicators of heat and sight, two things that homeowners often overlook are the sounds and smells that their furnace generates. While every piece of machinery with many moving parts like a home heating unit will no doubt have some operating noises, anything out of the ordinary should be taken in as a cue that your machine is starting to fail. This can include sounds of consistent rattling to smells like burnt rubber that can indicate that some internal parts of the furnace are starting to wear off.

Higher Repair Costs

One thing that is related to regular maintenance needs but something only homeowners specifically can monitor is the relative expenses they pay out per scheduled visit. If you find that your furnace is starting to cost you more and more just to maintain, this might be a key indicator that your furnace is starting to fail for good. At this point, the purchase of an entirely new system may be preferable to consistent high repair costs.

Unresponsive Controls

Last on our list is the issue of unresponsive controls. If you find that every micro-movement of the thermostat brings about sudden changes in temperature or that major movements in the same controller don’t change the temperature at all, it’s a clear sign that some of the wires and internal mechanisms of your furnace are starting to fail.

Final Words

Keep an eye out for the 5 different furnace failing tell-tale signs as well as any other peculiar things you might be noticing with your furnace.

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