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Is Your Heater Treating You Well?

Your home’s heating system is one of the most important components it has. It often works in the background where you do not think about it or even notice its function. That is until something goes wrong, it stops working or otherwise makes life a bit more difficult. When this happens, it’s not always easy to know what to do or how to get it back up and working properly again. That’s why it helps to have a trained professional to call for immediate help. When it comes to keeping you comfortable, it’s critical to know when to call for help with heating in Maple Grove, MN.

Signs your Heating System Needs Repair

If it’s cold outside and your heating system stops working, you’ll know it. Often, there are warning signs that something is not quite right, though. Noticing those and getting help for them right away may minimize the risk of larger and more expensive repair needs. Here are some of those signs to notice when using your heater.


The only time of the year you should smell anything coming from your furnace is at the first use. At that point, there’s likely debris on the jets that need to burn off. You may smell a burning smell for a few moments. After that, any odor you smell is a sign that your system needs to be maintained. If it smells like something is burning, turn it off and call for immediate help.

Changes in sounds

The furnace should be something you hear. Older models may have a few clanks and rackets here and there, but you should not have anything significant happening for the most part. If no notice hissing, banging, or any type of screeching sound, that indicates the system needs some type of repair. This could be due to a loose or detached internal component or the motor grinding. Call a repair technician right away.

Changes in function

In some cases, the furnace may seem to turn on and off often. You may hear it click on to start heating, but it turns off right away. Other times, it may seem to run and run constantly. Any change in the system’s function indicates a concern that needs adjustment. It could be your thermostat or another element that’s not turning on properly. If the compressor is constantly running, that’s going to increase your heating bills. It can also seriously damage the heating system.

Uneven heat distribution

Another sign that your heater may need repair occurs when there is an uneven distribution of heat throughout the home. Sometimes, some areas may be too hot and others too cold. In some cases, this may indicate insulation needs, but other times, it could mean a problem with the ductwork or the system’s overall efficiency. This, coupled with higher energy bills, could signal that your heating system needs an upgrade or a tune-up to get it back into good working order.

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