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Uncommon Heating Problems and What They Mean

There are some heating problems that are more common, and you may have heard of them or even experienced them. But there are other heating problems that are less common and are often more serious to address.

We are highlighting four of the less common heating repairs that we have to make and the signs of each one. If you suspect that one of these serious issues is impacting your heater, you need to give us a call for heating repair in Eden Prairie, MN. In the meantime, you can keep reading to learn more about some heating repairs that are not as common as others.

Cracked Heat Exchanger

A cracked heat exchanger is a pretty extreme problem to have. It means that a heating problem has escalated enough to cause damage to the heat exchanger itself. When a heat exchanger cracks, it cannot be repaired, and your entire heater needs to be replaced. Heat exchanger cracks happen when there is something wrong with the combustion process. 

Too much gas builds up in the chamber, and when the igniter finally lights, it causes a mini explosion. If you hear a booming sound when your heater turns on, that’s a red flag of combustion problems. Repetitive explosions inside the chamber lead to cracks. You need to get the issue addressed so that your heat exchanger does not crack and leak carbon monoxide fumes into your home.

Broken Fan Motor

It’s also possible for the fan motor inside of your heater to break. If the fan motor breaks, your heater may still turn on to create heat. However, instead of that heat blowing through the ductwork to transfer into your home, it gets trapped inside of the system. 

This can result in your heater turning off again quickly after turning on because the temperature is getting too high. If you hold your hand up to an air vent while your heater is on and do not feel airflow coming out, that could mean that the fan motor is broken.

Major Ventilation Issues

While we do see minor ventilation issues here and there, major ventilation issues are less common. If the exhaust vent is completely blocked, the exhaust cannot exit your home and instead gets trapped inside the system. 

This can impact everything from how well your heater warms your home to the pressure inside the system and even your indoor air quality. Your heater needs enough ventilation to ensure that airflow streams remain separate, with exhaust air channeling outside and clean air channeling into your home.

Electrical or Gas Line Problems

Gas line or electrical problems are also an issue that happens, although major issues are less common. For example, you may have a loose wire here or there that needs to be fixed, but it is uncommon to have major electrical problems that require overhauling your entire electrical system. 

The same thing goes for gas lines. We don’t often see major gas leaks or other major gas line concerns that require us to overhaul the entire setup. It is important to schedule service for gas and electrical issues as soon as you think that something is wrong. Otherwise, the issues can get out of hand and cause major problems for your heater, your home, and even your family. 

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