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The Importance of Water Heater Maintenance

Water heaters are critical to your home’s function. You need hot water to keep the dishes clean and wash your hands. Most often, homeowners do not think much about their hot water heater until there is a problem. There are maintenance tasks necessary, such as flushing the system as well as inspecting it. If you are unsure what to do or want some help, be sure to turn to a professional team for water heater maintenance in Rogers, MN. Don’t put off this type of maintenance. Consider the benefits maintenance offers.

Extend the Lifetime of Your System

Water heaters can last 10 or more years depending on their overall maintenance, and sometimes they last much longer. With routine maintenance, they are less likely to need replacement soon. For example, if you do not remove the harmful chemicals that buildup within it, that could mean they begin to corrode the interior of the system. Proper flushing prevents this, extending the life of your hot water heater significantly.

Prevent Breakdowns

Most of the time, water heaters are very reliable. They operate routinely. However, without routine inspections, they can start to break down. This may lead to problems with reliability. For example, the pilot and heating elements can become worn. An inspection would pinpoint this problem early on, allowing for a quick and easy repair. Over time, this problem can build up, though, leading to more emergency technician calls to get your water heater back up and running again.

Increased Efficiency

New water heaters can be very efficient, reducing the amount of energy they need to keep a tank full of water warm and ready for you. For that to happen, they need routine inspections and maintenance. Maintenance may help to reduce the amount of energy the system needs to keep that water hot, reducing how much you need to spend each year for those hot showers. Also, when it is well maintained, it not only uses less energy but there’s also less wear and tear on the components within because it doesn’t have to work as hard. That saves you money in multiple ways.

Pinpoint Rust Early

Rusting is a concern for some water heaters. It is something you do not want to ignore. It can impact the quality of the water you have and can lead to other problems with your water pipes. For that reason, have the system properly maintained on a consistent basis. This can help pinpoint rust early on, allowing for repairs to happen sooner. In some cases, this can help reduce the risk that you’ll have a system that begins to leak.

Keep in mind that it’s often best to allow a professional to handle the maintenance of your water heater. That ensures it is done according to the recommendations and requirements of the manufacturer. It can also help you to see more of what type of work is needed. Sometimes your tech can even point out areas of energy efficiency opportunities.

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