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How a Whole-House AC Benefits Your Home

When you’re shopping around for a new air conditioner, you may feel overwhelmed by the wide variety of options. Aside from different air conditioner types, you also have to choose between different brands and efficiency levels.

The good news is our team is here to help with air conditioning installation in Plymouth, MN. We can even help you decide which type of air conditioner aligns with your wants and needs the best. You can keep reading to learn more about the benefits of a whole house or central air conditioner and why it might be the right choice for your family.

Consistent Temperature

The greatest benefit of a central air conditioner is that you can maintain the temperature across your entire home with a single unit. A central AC provides cooling through a series of ductwork that channels into each room using a vent. 

You can select a single setting on your thermostat and call your house down to your desired temperature quickly. Each room should have the same even temperature without any hot or cold spots. There is a misconception that it is normal to have hot and cold spots when you have an air conditioner with ductwork. 

But this is not correct. If you do have central AC installed and face problems with hot and cold spots, please have our team come back out and address the problem. It’s usually an easy fix because we can shift your ductwork around and make sure that airflow is more efficient.

Indoor Air Quality

A central air conditioner also provides air filtering for your entire home. Of course, you do have some responsibility to change out your air filter regularly so that your AC can help maintain that great indoor air quality. As long as you do so, you shouldn’t have any problems. But indoor air quality extends beyond filtering out harmful particles. 

Your air conditioner also helps to improve your indoor air quality by balancing out humidity levels. If your home is too humid, it can feel muggy and warmer than it actually is. Lower humidity levels help your home to feel cooler, which is a huge benefit in the summer.

Tried-and-True Solution

Central air conditioners are the gold standard when it comes to residential cooling. If you already have an existing central air conditioner, replacing it with another one is much easier than installing a completely different type of system. 

This is because all of your existing connections should lineup, and reconnect very easily. Plus, you already have a system of ductwork, which is likely still in great condition. Even if it needs a few repairs here and there, you probably don’t need to replace all of your ductwork alongside a new AC installation. 

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