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Have You Scheduled This Important Service Yet?

Your furnace is arguably one of the most important appliances in your home. It helps keep your home and family comfortable and warm no matter how cold it is outside. But since your furnace usually runs without any problems and doesn’t make noise during operation, you probably don’t think much about your furnace. Of course, you change the air filter when it’s time, but aside from that as long as your furnace is keeping your home warm, you don’t have to worry about it, right? 

Nope! Your furnace actually deserves more attention when it’s in great condition than when something goes wrong. We say this because the only way to keep your furnace running at its best is to maintain those great results. When you invest in your furnace early on in its life, it can maintain energy efficiency for longer and even have a longer lifespan.

Give our team a call if you’re ready to schedule heater maintenance in Maple Grove. In the meantime, keep reading and learn why fall furnace maintenance is an investment. 

When to Schedule Furnace Maintenance

We’re emphasizing furnace maintenance right now because experts say fall is the ideal time to schedule furnace maintenance. When you have an expert inspect your unit, you give us a chance to address any small concerns before they get bigger.

You want your furnace to be in great shape before taking winter on. Plus, you’re scheduling an appointment on your terms instead of waiting to be reacting due to a problem. Waiting can mean paying extra for emergency services, and also means that you have to rearrange your schedule to squeeze in a furnace repair appointment. It’s better to stay ahead of problems and be proactive. 

Top 5 Benefits of Scheduling Furnace Maintenance 

  1. Energy efficiency — When your furnace is first installed, it works with superior efficiency. But experts estimate that your furnace loses around 5% of its efficiency with each passing year. This means higher energy bills and more strain on your unit. But maintenance can help you maintain your furnace’s energy efficiency so it doesn’t use more and more each season. 
  2. Parts are available — It’s all about supply and demand. Right now our team has a good supply of furnace parts in anticipation of upcoming maintenance and repair needs. But eventually, the demand will increase and we will begin running out of parts. This may mean that you’re waiting until we can get more parts in later in the season. Don’t risk that! Instead, schedule preventative maintenance and stay ahead of the rush for furnace repairs that we inevitably see each winter. 
  3. Avoid unwanted surprises — Have you ever come home to find out that the furnace stopped working home is now freezing without a solution in sight? It’s the worst feeling when you just want to be warm and comfortable! Annual maintenance is a great way to make sure that everything is working so you don’t face any of these surprises during the winter season. 
  4. Extend the life of your furnace — Annual furnace maintenance is one factor that can make or break how long your furnace lasts. If you don’t invest in maintenance, wear and tear can build up quickly and diminish your furnace’s ability to work properly. But consistent maintenance can actually extend the life of your unit so it lasts longer than the industry average. 
  5. Safety — This is perhaps one of the most underlooked benefits of heater maintenance. When things start to go wrong with your furnace, it could lead to fire hazards and gas leaks. Furnace components naturally wear down as time passes. You can replace those parts before they reach a stage of posing risk to your family and home.

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