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Tips for Boosting Your Heating System Efficiency

Are you looking for ways to save money on your monthly expenses? Boosting your heating system efficiency is one of the best ways to save on household expenses because you can lower your energy costs. With the holiday season upon us, every dollar counts. You may be cutting expenses like eating out and other miscellaneous costs…but you can also cut back on your energy use.

And saving money on your energy bill doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your family’s comfort. If you are interested in saving money with a heating service in Maple Grove, give our team a call. We can answer questions about your particular heating system and help you understand how to use it the most efficiently based on your family’s needs.

5 Tips for Boosting Heating Efficiency

It’s easy to reduce your energy costs when you understand how to boost the efficiency of your heater. We’ve all had that family member who says, “I’m not paying to heat the outside! Shut the door!” When you were younger you might have laughed off that statement, but now you understand. When you leave windows and doors open, you’re spending more money to heat your home as the heat escapes and goes outside.

  1. Shut your windows and doors. On particularly beautiful and comfortable days you may want to open your doors and windows to let in some fresh air. If you do this, remember to turn off your heater so its doesn’t continue to run. Otherwise, the heat will just escape and get outside. When your heater is running you want to ensure that your windows and doors are all securely closed to keep heat inside.
  2. Address air leaks. Even when your windows and doors are closed, there may still be gaps. If you notice even the smallest of crevices where air can escape, you need to fix them. Air leaks allow the heat to leave your home, leading your heater to work even harder to maintain a warmer temperature inside. Weather stripping and caulk are usually great fixes for these air leaks.
  3. Set your thermostat. You want to be warm, but can you set your thermostat to a slightly lower temperature and save some money on your energy bill? A couple of degrees may not make a huge difference in your comfort, but it can add up quickly when it comes to energy use. In fact, the Department of Energy recommends that homeowners set their heater to 68°F at the highest for the best balance of energy efficiency and comfort.
  4. Use layers. If 68°F is a little too cool for you, consider layering up. Wear sweaters, put on warm socks, and use blankets. It’s easy to stay warm without overpaying on your energy bill. If you’re doubtful about how much you can actually save, commit to lowering your indoor air temperature for a single month. See how it impacts your energy bill and decide if it’s a sustainable solution. 
  5. Pay attention to heater repair needs. If you notice signs that your heater needs repair, don’t ignore them. When you let heater problems slide by unresolved, they only get worse and more expensive. Fixing a small heater problem may cost money, but it’s nothing compared to fixing a much larger heater problem later on.  

Using these tips and professional services can help you get the most from your heating system this year and beyond.

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