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How to Help Your Heater Work as Efficiently as Possible

Prices are going up across the board. Groceries are more expensive and the cost for services and utilities are increasing, too. You may be looking for ways to save money wherever you can. For a lot of homeowners, that means cutting back in various ways so that you spend less money. You may skip eating out or going to the movies, but you can also cut back in other ways.

One place you can save is on your energy bill. There are steps you can take to help your heater work as efficiently as possible to lower your energy costs. It’s difficult to save a ton of money this way, but over time the savings can add up. Keep in mind that maintaining heater efficiency means staying on top of heating repair, too. 

Just think – if you spend $300 per month on energy and lower your costs by just 10%, that’s $30 per month. Over the course of a year, you could save $360! We have a team of heating experts and we’re highlighting our top tips for maintaining heater efficiency this winter. 

Create a Heating Schedule

You want to be warm when you’re at home, but you don’t want to pay to heat your home when you’re away. You can cut back on energy by lowering the temperature before you leave for the day. You can also lower the temperature some right before you go to bed at night because you can bundle up under blankets. 

Keep in mind that the best way to stick to a heating schedule is with a smart thermostat that automates your heating habits. Then you can program the heat to turn on and off at certain times of the day instead of having to set reminders to change the settings manually. If you need to make changes, you can always update your heat settings from anywhere using your phone, tablet, or computer. 

Adjust the Temperature

Experts recommend that your maximum heat setting is 68°F, yet many homeowners set their heat even higher. Increasing the temperature in your home can mean spending an extra 10% or more each month. Lower the temperature an additional 10°F when you’re not at home during the day or when you’re away on vacation. This way, your home maintains a certain level of heat but you’re not heating empty rooms excessively. 

Find Other Ways to Stay Warm

You don’t have to rely on your furnace as your only heat source during the winter. During the day you can open up blinds and curtains to allow sunlight inside for natural heat. You can also wear layers while you’re awake and use extra blankets when you go to sleep at night. This can feel uncomfortable at first if you’re not used to bundling up for warmth, but once you see your energy savings it will be worth it! Remember – you can always turn your heat up a little extra when you really need to. 

Check Insulation

When you’re heating your home, you don’t want the air to escape. After all, you’re not paying to heat the neighborhood! Even the tiniest cracks around doors and windows can allow warm air to escape. Make sure that all seals are secure and that you have plenty of insulation to keep heat inside and cold outside. 

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