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Reduce Drain Trouble With These Tips

If it feels like you’re having constant drain problems, you may want to figure out what’s wrong so you can prevent problems in the future. The good news is, preventing drain clogs and other plumbing issues is easy when you know what to do and what not to do.

And if you’re already experiencing drain problems, the first step is to invest in a drain cleaning in Maple Grove, MN. Our team can help get your drains and the rest of your plumbing system in great working order. Keep reading to learn more about how you can prevent drain problems after investing in a drain cleaning.

Skip Drain Cleaners

The first step for many homeowners after realizing that they have a drain clog is to stop at a local hardware store and pick up a bottle of chemical drain cleaner. Sure, these products can work to get your drains flowing temporarily again. But, they do that for a reason. These highly abrasive chemicals are not only breaking up tough clogs; they’re also breaking down your actual plumbing components. 

You may think that plumbing pipes and fixtures are sturdy enough to withstand drain chemicals. But using these chemicals can cause corrosion. And once corrosion begins, you can’t reverse that process. Drain cleaning chemicals can also leave a residue behind in your pipes that actually helps to collect more particles and debris to create clogs again in the future, resulting in a vicious cycle.

Invest in Mesh Drain Covers

If you don’t already have mesh covers over your drains, invest in them now. The holes in most drains allow some pretty big particles to escape through and enter your plumbing system. A mesh drain cover filters out a lot more. You may not think that much is going down your drain, but after you invest in a mesh drain cover, you will see just how much you’re protecting your drains. 

Even the smallest particles such as hair, fuzz, and food particles can stick to the sides of your pipes and cause drain problems like clogs. Clogs don’t happen because of big things going down your drains. All it takes is a little bit of debris to stick to the side of your drain. The spot can begin to harbor bacteria and even mold. Plus, it will continue to attract other debris until it becomes a larger and more serious clog.  

Schedule Plumbing Maintenance

You probably don’t give the plumbing in your house much thought as long as it’s working as it should. But, the best way to keep it working well and have peace of mind is to invest in regular plumbing maintenance.

It’s a good practice to have an expert plumber visit your home annually and check out all of your home’s plumbing, including your drains. We can help to eliminate clogs before they begin and identify areas that may need repair before they become major problems. 

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