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Which Water Heater Is Right For You?

If it’s time to install a new water heater in your home, you may be thinking about a tank versus a tankless water heater. There are pros and cons to each type of water heater, depending on your own household size and individual needs.

When it does come time to make a decision, you can call us for plumbing service in Maple Grove, MN. In the meantime, you can keep reading to learn more about each type of water heater and why you might choose one or the other. 

Tank Water Heaters

A majority of households have a tank water heater. This was the standard for decades until tankless water heaters began to gain popularity. This makes tank water heaters easier and less expensive to install. Your home is already fitted for a tank water heater, and installing a new tank is as simple as swapping out the tank and its attachments.

A tank water heater does run out of hot water when the tank empties. If you have a big family or plan to use a lot of water at one time, you want to invest in a larger storage tank. Another benefit of a tank water heater is that you can use hot water at multiple sources in your home at the same time without an impact on water pressure. Yes, the tank is going to run out eventually, but it can meet all of your hot water needs at the same time with as much hot water as is available. 

Tankless Water Heaters

If you had a tank water heater, switching to tankless is a little more involved because our team has to retrofit the plumbing and potentially upgrade your electrical or gas lines to meet the demand of a tankless version. This can take longer than simply switching out a tank and a few plumbing lines.

But, if you’re planning ahead and have the time to invest, a tankless water heater offers a lot of benefits. It can be more expensive to install upfront, but it can also lower your energy costs compared to a water heater that has a tank.

The tank water heaters use energy around the clock to maintain a supply of hot water so it is ready whenever you need it. A tankless water heater only heats water on demand, so it has the potential to use less energy. 

When you do turn on your hot water, you have an endless supply. You can take as long of a shower as you want or use water appliances back to back with no impact on hot water availability. Keep in mind though that if you run hot water at multiple sources at the same time, you may experience lower water pressure. 

This is because your tankless water heater can only heat so much water at a time. If you anticipate using hot water at multiple sources frequently, you may want to invest in a larger tankless water heater. Just like the tank versions, tankless options come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.

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