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Experienced HVAC Service Technician

Wanted: Quality human/friend/team player/talented HVAC technician

Are you all those things? Are you kind, as well? Do you take pride in the things you do? Are you up for learning more and challenging yourself? Because that’s the type of person we’re looking for in the next Comfort Matters Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing Technician.

"We Won’t Settle If You Don’t" - If it sounds like we’re asking for a lot, that’s because we are. But the thing is, we’ve got a whole company full of folks that fit those descriptions. How did we manage that? We’ve discovered, all of us, that being a good human/friend/professional/family member is a lot easier when you feel good about your work, your colleagues, and your future. So that’s what we concentrate on.

Comfort Matters is one of the fastest growing HVAC companies anywhere. And the cool part for our team and our customers is that growth is coming from a relatively small service area in the Western Suburbs we’ve chosen to concentrate on. That allows us to travel less, and offer better service to our customers. That, of course, allows us to do work we’re proud of and excited about, even if it means staying late on a Saturday. All of which means more and more people open the door with smiles on their faces when our techs come knockin’.

And it just keeps getting better.

And that is why we need another good person/friend/team player/talented HVAC technician.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $50,000.00 - $120,000.00 per year

Have a friend or family member who would be a great fit?