Who We Are

We believe you should be comfortable in every room of your home. Even that one room waaaayy in the back. Every install we do is planned out meticulously (almost obsessively) so your heating and air system does its most important job: Keep you comfortable. We hire technicians whose goal is to fine-tune your system to the point it becomes almost invisible. No clanks, wooshes, hot spots, or cold spots.

Because comfort matters to you, COMFORT MATTERS to us. We train our team members to ask the right questions so you get the right system. We’re not the kind of place that’s going to upsell you into a gold-plated, high priced system…instead, we promise to present you with a solution that is right for your budget, and perfect to keep your home comfortable.

We believe the price we quote you is the only price you pay, and we back everything with a guarantee that promises you both satisfaction and comfort.

We’ve been doing this kind of thing for our customers throughout metro Minneapolis-St. Paul since 2005, and would love to bring a little extra comfort to you.

Comfort Matters Team